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Bariatric Revision Surgery (Body Contouring) in Tijuana, Mexico

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Revision in bariatric surgery is defined as an intervention that repairs or revises a prior weight loss surgical procedure. This can be patients that were never successful with the prior procedure, patients with success but weight regain, or patients with weight loss success but with complications.

Candidates for Angeles Hospital Tijuana, revision bariatric surgery:

  • Prior vertical banded gastro plasty (VBG, stomach stapling), gastric plication or sleeve gastrectomy with weight regain.
  • Prior gastric Bypass surgery and weight regain.
  • LAP-Band surgery and weight regain.
  • LAP-Band surgery complications (acid reflux, slippage, erosion, port problems).
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Bariatric Revision Testimonials

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These surgiries are medically apporoved procedures with a proven record of helping men and women resolve health issues such as: Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Hyperternsion and Sleep Apnea, in addition of helping them with their weight loss.

Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results.

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Bariatric Revision Surgery FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Questions about Body Contouring Surgery

These are medically approved therapies designed to help adult men and women compensate for the low-level production of key hormones that the body needs for optimal performance and which the body stop producing at the same level as we get older.

It depends, the percentages vary according to the original procedures performed, the surgical technique that was used (ex: size of the gastric pouch, length of the alimentary, bile and common limb), patient BMI prior surgery, patient compliance to the new eating habits, presence of comorbidities and post-op complications.

  • Not satisfactory weight loss and/or weight regain. Unsuccessful weight loss is considered when the patient fails to achieve >50% excess weight loss and/or patient is unable to reach a BMI ****
  • Return of previous medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, back and osteo articular pain among other.

Gastric band possible complications that may require revision surgery:

  • Gastric band slippage, in this case the band can either be removed or reposition.
  • Concentric dilation, in this case the gastric pouch is enlarged, the band can be removed or reposition, in these cases patients often have severe acid reflux, and this can be also a reason to have the band removed.
  • Gastric band erosion, in this case the band invaded the gastric lumen and is mandatory to be removed.
  • Obstruction and edema.
  • Port problems.

Sleeve gastrectomy possible complications that may require revision surgery:

  • Severe acid reflux symptoms, in this case the original surgery may be needed to be converted to gastric bypass. It can be caused by an undetected hiatal hernia in the original surgery o by gastric motility problems.
  • Obstruction, may need endoscopic dilation or conversion to gastric bypass
  • Sleeve enlargement and loss of restriction, induces weight regain, in this case the sleeve can be “re-sleeved” or be converted to a gastric bypass., Biliopancreatic diversion
  • Leaks, the surgical approach will depend in the cause and location of the leak, may require guided radiologic drainage and/or endoscopic stent placement.

Gastric bypass possible complications that may require revision surgery:

  • Narrowing or obstruction of the gastro-yeyuneal anastomosis
  • Ulcer in the gastro-yeyuneal anastomosis
  • Gastric pouch enlargement
  • Widening of the gastro-yeyuneal anastomosis

Before revision surgery is important to evaluate each patient and determine if possible the reason of failure.

A radiologic image test (fluoroscopy) is mandatory to evaluate the anatomic structures and in some cases an endoscopy study may be necessary to determine the better approach in the specific case.

The surgeon will inform our patient of the need, risks and benefits involved in revision surgery, as well as the importance of the follow up by the multidisciplinary team.

Since 1998 The “IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity) statement on qualifications of the Bariatric Surgeons” suggested:

“Re-operative bariatric surgery is an intricately complex and demanding area which requires considerable primary bariatric surgical experience” Deitel & Cowan.

Is mandatory that patients that require revision bariatric surgery be treated by a high experienced surgical and multidisciplinary group and in a high standard facility.

Revision Bariatric surgery increases morbidity and mortality, due to age, weight, BMI, body shape, medical conditions, previous bariatric surgery, hospital facilities and experience of the surgeon and the multidisciplinary team.

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results or recovery time.

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