Bariatric Revision Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

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Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Weight-Loss Surgeon

The Bariatric Revisions Surgery is performed by Dr. Pablo Fok Russella himself, the most trusted and experienced bariatric (weight-loss) surgeon in Mexico, with over 5,000 successful surgeries and he is the natural and safest option for a revision surgery. Dr. Pablo Fok Russell with 15 years of experience is  a mentor to many bariatric surgeons from United States and Mexico and a regular speaker in the premier industry events around the globe. Why risk another bariatic surgery again? this time go with experience and recognition! Dr. Pablo Fok Russell is a certified bariatric surgeon of excellence and performs all his own procedures himself, unlike other surgeons he only performs a 2-3 per day to guarantee quality over quantity.

Candidates for Revision Bariatric Surgery:

  • Prior vertical banded gastro plasty (VBG, stomach stapling), gastric plication or sleeve gastrectomy with weight regain.
  • Prior gastric Bypass surgery and weight regain.
  • LAP-Band surgery and weight regain.
  • LAP-Band surgery complications (acid reflux, slippage, erosion, port problems).

Dr. Pablo Fok Russell

Certified Weight-Loss Surgeon

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Bariatric Revision Surgery FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Questions about Body Contouring Surgery

Read some of our most frequently asked questions regarding Bariatric Revision Surgery (Body Contouring) in our hospitals in Mexico. For further assistance with questions regarding prices, evaluations, medical questions or any other concern, please reach out through our Free Consultation form so that our case managers can get in contact and answer all your questions.

It depends, the percentages varies greatly with respect to the original procedure that was performed, the surgical technique that was used (ex: size of the gastric pouch, length of the alimentary, bile and common limb), patient BMI prior surgery, patient compliance to the new eating habits, presence of comorbidities and post-op complications.

Patients that are not satisfy with their weight loss and/or have weight regain. Unsuccessful weight loss is considered when the patient fails to achieve >50% excess weight loss and/or patient is unable to reach a BMI

Patient that presented further health complications like return of previous medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, back and osteo articular pain among other.

Best deal, our Revision surgery patients who choose us for their surgery will have access our premier partnership deal which guarantees the best rates and services through our network of hospitals and doctors in Mexico.

Top revision surgeon in Mexico, our revision surgery patients will be cared for by the best weight-loss surgeon in Mexico, Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala a worldwide pioneer in weight-loss procedures and the most trusted name in Mexico. With over 30 years of experience and extensive training background that expands through United Staes and Mexico, Dr. Lopez Corvala is the preferred option and most request revision surgeon in Mexico.

Huge savings, in the US and Canada can easily exceed $20,000 USD. Patients who choose to come to our hospitals will find modern and technologically advanced facilities that are equal to or even better equipped than some U.S. hospitals for significantly less price. We place great importance on patient-centric care and have long-term experience with the specific needs of medical travel patients.

Peace of mind, revision surgery body contouring patients can feel safe knowing that their getting treated in hospitals with specialty and emergency services on hand including cardiac anesthesiologists, internists, and emergency/critical care services for any potential risk. Body contouring surgery carries the same risks of any surgical procedure and at our hospitals, patients can feel safe that their in the best hands and most recognized names that can mitigate any potential risk.

Our hospitals are the only internationally recognized certified hospitals in Tijuana, Mexico, they are full-scale hospitals with the best technology and the most experienced and recognized name doctors and surgeons in Mexico. We are not a clinic like all other weight-loss surgery providers, they are full-scale hospitals that can compare to the best hospital facilities in US or Mexico.

Our Revision surgeons and medical staff is lead by Dr. Lopez Corvala the most highly rewarded weight-loss surgeon in Mexico who has extensive academic and practicing experience of over 30 years which expands from surgeon teacher at Yale University in United States to member of the most prestigious medical associations in Latin America. The safest and most experienced option for revision surgery in Mexico.

  • Our Personalized Experience, our doctors can only do one patient surgery per day to ensure the entire team is devoted to the highest-level of personal care, there are cases where we might do two based on patient’s request if they are family members or if they voluntarily want to go through the experience together. Most places do as many as they can handle and compromise on quality for obtaining the highest profits, we are opposed to this practice
  • We are a US company that works to get our patients the best prices without compromising quality and safety, we do not markup.
  • We are your US ally during your entire stay in Mexico, we understand the Mexican Health System and work with Reputable Medical Doctors so you can have Peace-of-Mind
  • Our Reputation, we are the only provider to offer opportunity to talk to other patients that have gone through similar experience for better idea of what to expect
  • We only work with veteran doctors that go through screening process to validate their credentials and experience
  • Here are 7 other reasons to chose us for your next surgery in Mexico
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