Breast Lift w/implants Surgery (Mastoplexy)

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Breast lift or Mastopexy, is surgery designed to raise and reshape sagging breasts. It may also reduce the size of the areola. A breast augmentation conducted alongside a Mastopexy can increase breast size and firmness. Generally, women who undergo a breast lift have small breasts with skin that have been stretched, usually through pregnancy and nursing.

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Breast Lift w/implants Surgery
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Breast lift patients at MedicalMex are cared for by a hard-working team of physicians, surgeons and nurses. As Mexico’s largest private hospital network, we only work with the world’s best surgeons, such as our certified cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Guadalupe Carrillo, one of the few female cosmetic surgeons in Mexico. Our superior hospital environment, advanced medical technologies and professional, welcoming staff will make your breast lift experience a very positive one that is excellent value for money.

Breast Lift w/implants Surgery
in Tijuana, Mexico

Most Trusted and Recognized hospital for +10 years

  • Personalized attention with US based case manager
  • Peace of mind of knowing you are getting treated by the highest quality and most prestigious hospital in Mexico
  • Home to Dr. Guadalupe Carillo, the most recognized Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana and Member of ISAPS in the United States
  • Most recognized and trusted private medical institution in Mexico with over 10 years
  • Fully equipped hospital with emergency rooms and 24hr. nurses for any type of unexpected situation (Not a Clinic like most)
  • Best medical facilities in Tijuana
  • Shuttle Service
  • Many amenities
  • Comfortable rooms with companion accommodations
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Breast Lift Surgery FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Question about Mastoplexy

For more information about our packages and how having breast surgery at MedicalMex helps create a new you please read our most frequently asked questions or contact us today using our Request More Information form.

Candidates for Breast Lift at MedicalMex:

  • Non-smoking and non-sdrinking patients.
  • Patients have saggy breast or they lost volume.
  • Patients that feel their breasts lost their shape.
  • Patients who feel their nipples and areolas point downward.

However, in general candidates for any of our cosmetic surgeries at MedicalMex in Tijuana, most comply the following:

  • Patients with good health (BMI of 27).
  • Patients who don’t suffer from any of the following high-risk conditions: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Bleeding disorders, Heart diseases or diagnosed Depression.

*If you are diagnosed with obesity or smoke and drink alcohol regularly, you can’t be a candidate for our Cosmetic Surgeries.

A breast augmentation may be performed under general anesthesia. Your time in surgery is typically two to three-and-a-half hours. Patients should be careful to follow all pre-surgical instructions, particularly those involving cessation of smoking. While specific Mastopexy techniques do vary, Breast Lift techniques typically come in two types: the concentric Breast Lift and the more commonly performed anchor shaped Breast Lift. The degree of lift required will determine which kind of Breast Lift a patient receives. The more lift needed, the more likely the patient will need the anchor version of the Breast Lift.

At MedicalMex we use two different techniques for Breast Lift surgery:

The “Anchor Technique

This technique is for women with larger, more severely drooping and sagging breasts. It derives its name from the surgical lines the surgeon uses to determine the location of the surgical incisions. The surgeon will draw a keyhole shape directly above the nipple and the areola. At the base of the line, the surgeon then draws an anchor shape extending across the breast. After completing the drawing, the breast skin comprising the upper part of the anchor is removed along with any excess breast tissue. The nipple and the areola are then repositioned towards the lower portion of the keyhole. Next, the breast skin is sutured around the areola, then down to the chest and side-to-side along what is now the lower fold of the lifted breast.

The “Concentric Technique

Also referred to as a doughnut Mastopexy, this Breast Lift technique is frequently used to treat women with smaller and less severely drooping breasts. Concentric Mastopexy requires fewer surgical incisions and in some cases, may be performed using a local anesthesia with a sedative instead of general anesthesia. This technique is sometimes called the doughnut Mastopexy from the concentric circles that are incised around the areola. The skin surrounding the areola is surgically removed and the nipple and areola are moved upwards. The outer skin surrounding the areola is then sutured into place. Occasionally, the sutured area may wrinkle and pucker as there is now more skin.

Typically, this condition will subside in a few weeks as the new skin adapts to the modified weight and shape of the breast. In some cases, the surgeon may choose to make an incision that descends from the areola to the crease of the breast. Along this incision, a vertical strip of skin is removed and the gap pulled and sutured together. This procedure usually results in less scarring than the Anchor technique.

After surgery, you can expect to wear an elastic bandage or a surgical bra over gauze dressings. Your breasts will be bruised and swollen for a day or two. After the bandages have been removed, it is recommended that you wear an athletic or support bra until the swelling subsides. It is often recommended that patients avoid wearing an underwire bra to prevent irritation and blistering of the crease area where there are sensitive postoperative tissues and sutures.

While the amount of pain experienced after surgery varies from patient to patient, most experience soreness for two to four days following Breast Lift surgery. The greatest amount of pain is experienced in the first forty-eight hours. As with any surgical procedure, the amount of pain diminishes each day and is manageable with a wide variety of medications.

The stitches can be removed after a week or two. Any dryness of the skin can be addressed with moisturizer. You can return to work normally within a week, and may resume full activity within a month. There may be some numbness, particularly in your nipples, but sensation usually returns to normal as you heal.

Long-Term Issues

Unlike other kinds of breast surgery, a Breast Lift has comparatively few long-term side effects. Most pain and numbness does not persist past the recovery period. Unless you have opted to include implants as part of your surgery, you should be able to breast feed normally because the connecting glandular tissue of the nipple and areola are left intact.

Although a Breast Lift can significantly improve the appearance and profile of your breasts, it won’t keep you firm forever. As you age and skin loses its elasticity, the breasts will begin to sag again. Also, swelling of the breast tissue from pregnancy or weight gain will also cause the breasts to stretch, affecting the breast profile.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Breasts that lack substance or firmness can be rejuvenated.
  • Breasts that are sagging, but are of satisfactory size, can be lifted.
  • Nipples and areolas that point downwards, even falling below the breast crease, can be rectified. And because milk ducts and nipples are left intact, the surgery does not hinder your ability to breast feed.
  • Breast Lift is normally a relatively safe procedure.

Main Risks of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Infection.
  • Bleeding.
  • Permanent loss of sensation in the nipples or areas of breast skin may occur, but is not likely.

Patients should also familiarize themselves with the risks that are associated with breast implants if they have chosen to include implants as part of the procedure.

As a breast lift patient of MedicalMex, you and one traveling companion will receive full travel coordination services, including a patient readiness kit with a detailed itinerary in which breast lift surgery schedule, air, hotel, and roundtrip airport pick up/return are all arranged. Additional services can be arranged as needed.

MedicalMex breast lift patients are transported to our facility by special medical shuttle directly from the San Diego airport to the Hospital in Tijuana. Patient rooms our facilities are always described as pleasant, clean and comfortable. All rooms are private with en suite bathrooms, a flat screen television and abundant seating and sleeping options for patient’s visitors. Suites feature private entryway and dining and relaxation areas. In addtion, our medical package includes:

  • All pre-breast lift testing and exams.
  • All breast lift procedure costs: surgeon, anesthesia, equipment, nursing care.
  • A dedicated Case Management team to guide your pre- and post-breast lift experience.
  • Pre-breast lift consult set-up if needed.
  • Travel arrangements to and from San Diego airport.

Please note that this package does not include the post-surgical nights in a hotel needed during recovery from the breast lift procedure. MedicalMex case managers will work with patients to assist in finding appropriate hotel accommodation.

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