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Dr. Salvador Medina Sánchez

Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstuctive Surgery/span>

Speciality: Weight Loss Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery
Languages: English, Spanish

Dr. Medina was a member of the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery staff at the Hospital General “Dr. Manuel Gea
González” in México City. He was in charge of the body contouring and massive weight loss surgery clinic from 2009 to 2013.
Dr. Medina has imparted a number of lectures in massive weight loss surgery subjects, and has a vast experience in surgical procedures in
massive weight loss patient.

Degrees & Professional Affiliations 

Degrees & Professional Affiliations 

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These surgiries are medically apporoved procedures with a proven record of helping men and women get the body they always dreamed of.

Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results.

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Are you ready to make a change in your appearance? New minimally invasive surgery techniques have made cosmetic surgery a more common and widely accepted procedure for both men and women. High quality cosmetic surgery is available at MedicalMex in Mexico at an excellent value.

Board certified Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Arturo Muñoz Meza offer a range of confidence-boosting and appearance enhancing procedures.

The main cosmetic surgery procedures available at MedicalMex are:

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