About Hospital Angeles Tijuana

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Address: Av. Paseo de los Héroes, Tijuana, B.C. México, Mexico
Founded: 2006
Beds: 100
Accreditation: National Hospital Accreditation

Distance from:
San Diego: 20 minutes’ drive.
Los Angeles: 1-2 hours drive.
New York: 5 hours flight.
Toronto: 5-hour flight.

Established in January 2006, Hospital Angeles Tijuana is built on the highest principles of medical care and patient hospitality. We pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide, as well as the warm, receptive, and comforting healthcare environment we deliver for patients and families. We are located just minutes from San Diego, in a beautiful commercial district that features many nearby amenities, including a movie theater with films in English, and a handful of excellent restaurants to choose from – including familiar American favorites.

Our focus on delivering top tier medical care with the most modern technology and services – including state-of-the art operating rooms and diagnostic services across all medical fields – ensures we attract top medical talent from around the world. All patient rooms at Hospital Angeles Tijuana are private with in suite bathrooms, featuring a flat screen television sleeping options for visitors. Suites feature private entryway and dining/conversation area. We connect the best medical doctors and surgeons in Mexico to American, Canadian, European patients. Our treatment areas include: Weight loss surgery, stem cell application, alternative cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery, CCSVI MS treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment and implants, neurology, cardiology, general surgery, and vision care.

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Getting to Angeles Hospital Tijuana

Directions for Crossing the US/Mexico Border

Patients of Hospital Angeles Tijuana must travel about five miles over the U.S. border to reach their destination. In most cases, patients of Hospital Angeles Tijuana will be picked up at the San Diego Airport and delivered to the hospital via a hospital shuttle. However, for those traveling from nearby, or for those going down for treatments like minor dental work, gastric band fills or consultations that don’t include transportation, we’ve provided some travel options and directions for a hassle-free trip. San Ysidro is home to the world’s busiest land border crossing, where U.S. Interstate 5 crosses into Mexico at Tijuana. Crossing times are often slow at San Ysidro, particularly for those entering the United States in cars. For this reason, many crosses on foot, because the line is frequently much faster than the vehicle line. Typical border car line headed north from Tijuana into the U.S.

If you are driving to Hospital Angeles Tijuana:

Interstate 5 runs throughout California runs into the international border crossing. Once you cross the border, stay to the middle lane and follow the sign that says ZONA RIO. At the road split, stay to the right and you will be on Avenida Paseo de los Heroes. Drive about one mile. You will pass the Plaza Rio and the Hotel El Camino Real (bright pink building). A couple of blocks further, on the right side of the street you will see the Hospital. Turn right immediately after passing the hospital, onto Mision de la Paz. This street will bring you around to Avenida Sanchez Taboada. The Hospital Angeles entrance is on this street on your right, and you will find parking here.

If you are parking your car at the border:

There are several parking lots very close to the border. Most require pre-payment. Simply, pay, park, and walk across the border. There is a Taxi Station on the other side of the border. You can take a Taxi directly to the hospital for about $6-$8. Have the address handy, but most people in Mexico know where the hospital is and it is quite easy to find. Just tell the Taxi driver that you want to go to the Hospital Angeles.

Interstate 5 runs directly into Mexico from California Typical border station parking lot Hospital Angeles Tijuana 10999 Avenida Paseo de los Heroes Zona Rio Tijuana, Baja California Mexico 22010 Phone: 011-52-664-635-1900 Destination: If you are taking the trolley from the San Diego Airport:

  • Total trip takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Total cost under $20.00 (including Trolley and Taxi both ways).
  1. Walk out of the airport terminal.
  2. Find the sign for the city bus (it is the ONLY city bus at the airport).
  3. Get on the bus, pay the fare and be sure to get a transfer slip (which is good for the trolley also). Tell the driver you are going to the American Plaza Trolley station.
  4. At the stop for the trolley station (you will see it on your left next to the Santa Fe Amtrak Station and the Art Museum) get off the bus and walk across the street.
  5. Go to the machine and pay an extra .25 cents so you have full fare.
  6. Be sure to only look at the FRONT of the trolleys to determine which line it is. You need the BLUE line. Get on a BLUE line trolley and go all the way to the last stop. You are now at the border.
  7. From this point, depart trolley and walk over border.
  8. Once across border take a cab to Hospital Angeles.

Best Medical Facilities at Tijuana, Mexico

The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

  • US and Mexico Board Certified Surgeons
  • Personalized Experience, unlike everywhere else, we only accept one  Surgery per day to ensure the highest level of personalized care from our entire team caring for your wellbeing and satisfaction
  • Full-scale certified hospitals and clinics with International Accreditation’s
  • Best technologically advanced medical facilities in Tijuana
  • Personal Transportation Services
  • Concierge Services for Any Type of Additional Needs
  • Comfortable rooms with space available for companion upon request
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