Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer in Mexico

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Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world, nearly 13% of all cancer patients are from lung cancer. Until recently, lung cancer treatments typically involved radiation or chemotherapy depending on stage of the cancer.

More recently, technological breakthrough and advancement in the world of cancer treatments have proven that in fact, lung cancer patients have improved outcomes when treated or combined treatments employ the use of immunotherapy for lung and can post significant advantages in cost over conventional treatments involving radiotherapy.

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Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

*Immunotherapy at our hospital is administered by our certified oncology team with over 10 years experience with immunotherapy and NOT Dr. James P. Allison or Tasuku Honjo

“Lung Cancer Patients have 90% benefit rate when employing or combining Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer as part of our functional oncology program in Mexico”

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How does Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer Work?


T-cells are a type of white blood cell that can identify and kill infected, damaged or cancerous cells. Each T-cell has clawlike receptors on its surface that can recognize and lock onto antigens, foreign or abnormal protein fragments on the surface of infected or cancerous cells

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The T-cell must be activated before it can find and attack cancer cells. A specialized cell presents the T-cell with an antigen from a cancer cell, along with a co-stimulator protein. The T-cell begins to hunt down and kill any cells that are covered with the same antigen.

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Cancer cells can avoid destruction by taking advantage of a switch on the T-cell called an immune checkpoint. The checkpoint can shut down the T-cell and suppress the immune response, allowing the cancer to grow undisturbed.

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Drugs known as checkpoint inhibitors can physically block the checkpoint, which frees the immune system to attack the cancer. A single T-cell can kill thousands of cancer cells

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“In the US, Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer can cost upward of $100,000 usd. Here with us in Tijuana, Mexico lung cancer patients are saving over 75% of the cost as part of our functional oncology treatment program and receiving over 90% benefit rate over traditional treatments”

Lung Cancer Survival Rates

Functional Oncology Program Benefit Statistics

The patient survival statistics are a small sample representation of the overall outcomes recorded by patients with specific cancer types that underwent at least one of our alternative cancer treatments and immunotherapy.

These numbers are intended to provide patients a general overlook at possible outcomes per type of cancer condition but it’s important to understand that every patient’s cancer treatment and illness is treated slightly different and can produce very different outcomes based on many aspects that should be discussed individually with our medical team.

Cancer TypeCase NumberStage IStage IIStage IIIStage IVBenefit Rate (%)
Lung Cancer1067339740842890%
Pancreatic Cancer195311328793%
Breast Cancer12523166788%
Ovarian Cancer520392892%
Colon Cancer470152887%
Cervical Cancer241151296%
Bladder Cancer110104100%
Cancer TypeCase NumberBenefit Rate (%)
Lung Cancer106790%
Pancreatic Cancer19593%
Breast Cancer12588%
Ovarian Cancer5292%
Colon Cancer4787%
Cervical Cancer2496%
Bladder Cancer11100%

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