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Liposuction Surgery

Our Price: $4,500 USD

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty or liposculpture, allows surgeons to remove stubborn fat from problem areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. The process can remove bulges and unsightly contours and dips in the patients’ physiques that can make them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.

As well as the cosmetic benefits, liposuction or abdominoplasty reduces the patient’s body fat percentage, which can have health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease and type II diabetes.

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Our certified surgeons have a proven record of success in the plastic surgeries performed at Angeles Hospital. Our patients are cared by a hard-working team of physicians, surgeons and nurses.

As Mexico’s largest private hospital network, we use only the world’s best surgeons like certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgery experts Dr. Cervantes Diaz and Dr. Inclán. Our elite hospital environment, advanced medical technologies and professional, hospitable staff will make your liposuction procedure a very positive one that is great value for money.

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  • Most recognized and trusted private medical institution in Mexico with over 40 years
  • Fully equipped hospital with emergency rooms and 24hr. nurses for any type of unexpected situation (Not a Clinic like most)
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Liposuction Surgery FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Question about Mommy Makeover

To help our patients interested in having a liposuction surgery, we share the most frequently asked questions patients make during their consultations with our medical team.

For our patients considering to have liposuction surgery, we recommend having the following information in mind:

  • We recommend being 18 years old or older.
  • Non-smoking patients.
  • Patients are aware of the recovery process of a major surgery and the possible complications.
  • Patients are healthy and do not have life-threatening diseases.

Lipo transference is a type of liposuction, where our surgeons take fat from one area of the body (such as the stomach) can be used to enhance another area of the body (such as the buttocks).

Our liposuction procedure can be used in the neck, chin, upper arms, knees, calves, ankles or breasts, making problem areas for patients smoother, slimmer and firmer.

Yes, both men and women who have tried diet and exercise to lose fat in problematic areas, such as love handles, opt to have their liposuction at Angeles Health Tijuana to regain their physical confidence or give them the final push they need in massive weight loss.

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Are you ready to make a change in your appearance? New minimally invasive surgery techniques have made cosmetic surgery a more common and widely accepted procedure for both men and women. High quality cosmetic surgery is available at Angeles Hospital in Mexico at an excellent value.

Board certified Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Arturo Muñoz Meza offer a range of confidence-boosting and appearance enhancing procedures.

The main cosmetic surgery procedures available at Angeles Hospital are:

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