Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

MedicalMex  – The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

There are many popular medical tourism destinations in Mexico with unique specialties and benefits. Regardless of which one you ultimately choose to visit, you’ll experience the same great care and friendly staff. It’s mostly a matter of personal choice, personal preference, and – if you’re looking to combine a vacation with your medical visit in Mexico – where you’d like to go.

You’ve probably heard about the low cost of medical travel to Mexico. News sources like the New York Times and Reuters are featuring stories about medical tourism in Mexico, and profiling the high quality of healthcare available from Mexico hospitals, doctors, and dentists. But despite the increasing numbers of American patients heading south of the border and the number of news outlets covering their experiences, many Americans are confused about how to choose from among the many medical tourism destinations Mexico offers.

Medical Travel in Mexico

MedicalMex  – The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

The most popular cities for medical tourism in Mexico are generally closer to the U.S.-Mexico border. Originally, most medical travel in Mexico came from men and women driving south from nearby cities to get their general medical and dental care needs met. This led to development of Mexico hospitals in the cities closest to the U.S. Over time, Mexico hospitals developed throughout the major metropolitan cities in the country, providing patients with many different Mexican hospitals to choose from.

Best Medical Facilities in Tijuana, Mexico 

The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

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  • Concierge Services for Any Type of Additional Needs
  • Comfortable rooms with space available for companion upon request
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Cities Hosting Top Mexico Hospitals

MedicalMex  – The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

The top cities for medical travel to Mexico are Monterey, Juarez, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Mexicali, and Tijuana. Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlán are becoming more professionally organized regarding medical travel as well. These cities have the benefit of being very close to the border and/or are a domestic flight away from most major American cities, making them easily accessible for anyone living in the U.S. regardless of whether they are in a southern state. These cities have all been hotspots for medical tourism in Mexico since the first days of medical travel. As Mexican hospitals have continued to grow, many cities have become known for specialties.

For patients who like the hustle and bustle of a large metropolitan city, Angeles Hospital has medical facilities in Tijuana and Mexico City that specialize in dental, vision correction, and bariatric surgery. Other Angeles Hospital facilities throughout the country feature a multitude of options. Angeles Hospital Tijuana and Angeles Hospital Juarez provide bariatric, orthopedic, and cardiac surgical procedures in addition to vision correction and dental procedures. Angeles facilities in Tijuana and Guadalajara provide additional cosmetic procedures. With 22 hospitals in the Angeles Hospital network, Americans seeking healthcare can find any general surgery or specialty procedures in Mexico.

Regardless of the city you choose for your medical travel to Mexico, you’ll be pleased with the quality of care and first-rate equipment that will be used in your procedure. All the facilities in the Angeles Hospital network are staffed with top doctors and nurses, many who have trained alongside American doctors. Some of the leading doctors at Angeles hospitals are retained by American universities to train the American doctors of tomorrow.

Cost Efficient Medical Tourism in Mexico

MedicalMex  – The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

Apart from the quality of care, the biggest draw of Mexican hospitals is the low cost medical procedures available. While many of these hospitals do choose to specialize, all the Mexican hospitals in the Angeles network provide patients with experienced surgeons to perform the most common procedures, as well as a few procedures that are available in Mexico prior to the U.S., for example multifocal PRESBYLASIK and lumbar stabilization surgery. Wherever patients choose to go in the Angeles network, they are also guaranteed to experience the full savings that only medical travel to Mexico can provide.

Working with Angeles Health International allows patients to streamline the planning process. When looking to have surgery, even elective surgery, patients usually find it is a stressful decision. To make your medical vacation to Mexico hassle-free, Angeles Hospital offers services to plan every detail of a patient’s trip, from scheduling the procedure itself with surgeon consults, to the flight, hotel room, and hospital stay (if needed).

Savings and Convenience

MedicalMex  – The Safe, Affordable and Only Certified Medical Facilities for +10 years

Because of the many different hospitals included in the Angeles network, it’s easy to connect patients with the perfect hospital for their specific needs. Medical travel to Mexico is made simple, convenient, and incredibly accessible. Angeles’ helpful staff is on hand to ensure that every aspect of your itinerary goes smoothly. Even when you factor in all travel and booking costs, medical travel to Mexico still costs as little as one-third of what patients would pay in the U.S. With incredible savings and wonderful convenience, it’s no surprise that thousands of Americans take advantage of all that Mexico must offer every year.

If you’re considering medical tourism in Mexico, we encourage you to look around our site and read some of our articles. You’ll find links that will help you learn about the travel process, as well as profiles of some of our qualified staff members. You’ll read about the different Mexico hospitals in our network, and you’ll understand more about the savings you’ll get through medical travel to Mexico. If you have any questions about medical tourism in Mexico, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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