Stem Cell Applications for Heart Conditions

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We are a leader in stem cell therapies for a variety of medical conditions. This includes several life-threatening heart conditions that are normally extremely difficult to treat. Fortunately, advances in stem cells are providing promising options in treating serious heart conditions.

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Heart Conditions that benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

Congestive Heart Failure with Stem Cell Therapy

Congestive heart failure can prevent the heart from being able to pump enough oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body, which may cause fluid buildup in various parts of the body, and ultimately, organ damage. Stem cell therapy can help to restore both the tissue that is the root cause of the congestive heart failure as well as the damaged tissues.

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Heart Conditions that benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

ST – elevation MI with Stem Cell Therapy

ST-elevation MI results from an inflammation of the heart. Complications caused by this condition can lead to heart attacks. Stem cell therapy can be used to rejuvenate the inflamed tissue to minimize or eliminate the effects of ST-elevation MI.

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Heart Conditions that benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

Non-Ischemic Congestive Heart Failure Stem Cell Therapy

Non-ischemic congestive heart failure causes severe weakness in the heart, which makes it more difficult to pump blood throughout the body. As with other forms of congestive heart failure, stem cell treatment is used to restore the tissue in the heart to enhance its ability to pump blood.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Conditions FAQ´s

Frequently-Asked-Question about Stem Cell Application for Heart Conditions

For more information about our Stem Cell Treatments and the amazing results they provide to our patients, please read our most frequently asked questions or fill out our “Request More Information” form, our meidical team is happy to help.

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Stem cell therapies rely on a specialized set of cells within the human body known as stem cells to produce results. Unlike most other cells which already have a specific function, stem cells can be converted into any type of tissue. When properly introduced to certain areas of the body, stem cells should have a rejuvenating effect by converting themselves into the appropriate type of cell.

The application of stem cell treatment can vary, based upon the nature of a medical condition. Regardless of the condition, there are two simple steps in stem cell treatment:

  1. Adipose-derived stem cells (stem cells held within body fat) are extracted from the patient.

This collection serves as an abundant source of stem cells and guarantees patient compatibility. When stem cells are unable to be harvested from the patient, donated allogeneic (adult) stem cells can be used for treatment.

  1. Stem cells are properly applied to the affected area.

The procedure that Angeles Hospital Tijuana uses to do this is known as therapeutic endovascular placement.

We use the best stem cell treatment technology to ensure the highest quality outcomes. We maintain the highest levels stem cell investigative research and health care in the industry

Our team of stem cell experts are highly experienced with extracting and injecting stem cells and have had great success.

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Stem Cell Application for Heart Conditions

Best Stem Cell Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico

Our Stem Cell Clinic offers a solution to different conditions people can’t find a cure for. Our Stem Cell Clinic offers the following treatments:

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