About MedicalMex

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Facilitator

MedicalMex ® is the leading medical tourism facilitator for Mexico. We are a Bi-national United States and Mexico company that helps international patients navigate the process of obtaining affordable medical treatments in Mexico, through a variety of specialized services and treatment packages from our trusted network of certified Mexican surgeons and medical doctors, while also protecting and preserving the well-being and interest of the international patient before, during and after their treatment.

For Patients

  • Trusted Network of Certified Mexican Doctors
  • Doctor Screening and Background Check
  • Affordable Medical Treatment Travel Packages
  • Transportation Services
  • Medical Loan Facilitator
  • Mexican Government Liaison
  • Legal Services
  • Travel Agent
  • Insurance Coverage

For Health Care Professionals

  • Patient Relationship Management Solutions
  • Online Marketing Lead Generations Services
  • Medical Tourism SalesForce Solutions
  • Medical Tourism Marketing Strategies
  • Medical Tourism Consultancy

Exterior Hospital in Tijuana

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