Coronary Artery Bypass

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Like all the organs of the body, the heart requires a constant blood supply. This comes from two large blood vessels, the left and right coronary arteries.

Sometimes these arteries can become narrow and hard when fatty deposits called plaques build up. Having narrowed arteries is described as atherosclerosis. People with atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries are described as suffering from coronary heart disease.

The main risk factors for coronary heart disease are smoking, a high fat diet, obesity and old age.

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Coronary Heart Disease

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Coronary heart disease can cause angina to develop, which is a chest pain that occurs when the oxygen-rich blood supply to the heart becomes reduced.

Many people who suffer from angina can be effectively treated with medication, but severe angina may need a CABG to recover the blood supply to the heart.

A coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is a commonly used surgery to treat coronary heart disease. It guides blood flow around narrowed or clogged areas of the major arteries (blood vessels), to improve the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. Almost 80% of people needing the operation are men over 60.

The CABG Procedure at MedicalMex

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CABG involves taking a blood vessel from another part of the body, usually the leg or chest, and linking it to the coronary artery above and below the narrowed part or blockage. This new blood vessel is called a graft.

The graft leads the flow of blood around the part of the coronary artery that is too narrow or blocked. Our surgeon will usually carry out several grafts to make sure the procedure does not need to be repeated in the future.


Cardiology Center of Excellence

MedicalMex offers a wide variety of cardiology procedures to treat one of the most vital organs of the human body: our heart:

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